Thursday, September 11, 2014

Stressful Day

I had made arrangements today for a moving company to come and put my furniture back in place. The two guys arrived on time, but after much struggling and pushing and pulling, they could not get my sofabed up the stairs. When it went downstairs, the stair railings had been removed when the paramedics carried me out of my bedroom way back when and it was a multi-thousand dollar repair job. My bed isn't a problem as it dismantles and I have what's called a split box spring -- a queen size box spring in two pieces.

I feel as if the moving guys genuinely tried, but it damn near killed me to have to pay them even though the job wasn't done. They did move the smaller pieces of furniture. Marilyn was here to put knick knacks back in place.

Meanwhile I had called the super who didn't respond, and then Marilyn left... but the idea had been planted by the movers, by Marilyn, that it may be cheaper to kill the sofa than to destroy the railings again. When the super showed up, he examined everything and said, "how much do you like your sofa?" but by then I had just about decided to sacrifice the sofa over the stairs.

But looming on the horizon is a business meeting held here with five people plus me on Tuesday and so I set about trying to get a new sofa delivered by then. I gave it my all, and I even had one woman from Jennifer sofabeds really trying to help. The store didn't have expedited delivery, but she said I could hire a private service to go to the warehouse in NJ and she had someone in mind and she tried and then he couldn't do it and was trying to find someone else and this little flag starts to wave in my mind that says, "this is getting too crazy." Add to it that for some reason I couldn't pay for the sofa by phone, that I or someone would have to bring the actual credit card into the store and Barbara is in town but she had to teach today and I had a 4 pm conference call that I had to do and I finally just said "enough!"

My back up plan is folding chairs. So tomorrow what is supposed to happen is that the super Jeffrey comes back, kills my old sofa, hauls it away and moves my bed downstairs. Barbara is going to go folding chair shopping for me and what's funny is that we both went on line and independently came up with this one same chair as the best possibility. The chairs are "oversized" folding chairs with cushion, great reviews and $39 each.

Once I gave up the manic struggle to replace the sofa by Tuesday, it was a relief. So hopefully tomorrow things will fall into place and I can leisurely buy a new sofa and wait a week or two for delivery!

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Mary said...

Please post a picture of the chairs. They sound perfect.