Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Park Avenue Selfie

Kelly was here for the magazine meeting yesterday -- which, by the way, all went well from folding chairs to lunch (really delicious smoked turkey and swiss on sesame bagels all around) to  business accomplishments. She has never been to New York, had some trepidation, but made the most of her spare time seeing everything from the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, NY Stock Exchange, Met Museum, Gugenheim, Ground Zero, Broadway play etc.

She walked around this morning and felt, I think, quite pleased with herself and her NY independence and found herself on the real Park Avenue. I told her that I still sometimes get a thrill being on Park Avenue... just like when I lived in DC and I'd get a thrill passing the White House or the Supreme Court.

So yes, you can take a bit of Oshkosh out of the girl and turn her into a New Yorker!

And I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers whose timing couldn't have been better, just as the meeting was breaking up -- couldn't have timed it better as a hostess gift!

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