Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Back to Portugal

Amy says:

Picture it with only the sound of the wind and the clanging of cow bells.

Barry thinks we may be a little too far off the beaten path. I don't know. Between you and me, I really like the idea of settling in for a few days of village life. Tomorrow I'm planning on taking him for a walk up the mountain to where there is a section of the original Roman Camino Real.
Pat again: I like totally off the beaten path. I think that's why I liked Montana so much -- that it is the polar opposite of Manhattan... totally different.

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Amy Laboda said...

Just left El Tozu and took a drive that so "wowed!" me I never actually took a photograph. Don't hate me but it was that intense--the scenery. It was hard work for Barry for about two hour of intense hairpin turns, but the return was alpine vistas, and scenery that looked like it was out of the movie Avatar. All in northern Spain. Who knew?