Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for my two nieces and nephew and I talked to each of them last night to see what their expectations are for the year. Each was sad the summer was over, but also sorta kinda looked forward to getting back into the swing of things in school. They go to the same public high school I did... and can you believe it? Things have changed in 40 years.

For example, there is no homeroom. We started the day with a 10-minute or so homeroom. They still have the Pledge of Allegiance. No more study hall. In its place is something called Academic Laboratory which is a room with computers and a few teachers where you are supposed to do work. There is no dress code except for two things -- boys can't wear tank tops and girls shorts have to come down long enough so if you're standing up your fingertips touch your shorts. Plus, there was one more thing -- no "distracting" clothes -- that's open to interpretation.

We used to have "assemblies" which were (supposed to be) entertaining. They still have them, but my older niece (going into 10th grade) described it as "some old heroin addict talking about drugs" and then stuff on cyber bullying.

According to the kids, unconfirmed by their father, is a deal that if they each (and all?) make the high honor roll, they get something big. Charlotte wants a new phone. Clark wants an Xbox, and Louisa wants a kitten. The kitten is already named -- Lucy.

We had seven periods; they have nine. Clark and Louisa (twins) are in separate classes where they are given a choice to be together or be separate. They had gotten their schedules two weeks ago and what you do is post it to Instagram so your friends can see what classes you have.

Just checked back with all three to hear tales of the first day of school... this was a very hot day and the school isn't air conditioned so everyone was sweating. One day down. 180 to go.


Melissa said...

Yes, changed indeed! What a good a Auntie you are to check I. With them and compare notes :).

Barbara said...

Aww, I think Louisa should be allowed to get Lucy now -- we KNOW she will get on the honor roll!

Pat said...

Hopefully I'll be posting photos of Lucy one of these days. I hope she makes it.