Friday, September 26, 2014

Senior Discounts

Tonight I was looking through a stack of receipts from when Marilyn was here earlier in the week. I just look at them out of curiosity, and I noticed on the grocery receipt that I got a 10 percent senior discount. Wasn't buying a lot, but it was just under $5 off. It does sort of take me aback... what me? a senior discount? But sure, I decided I need to be more vigilant in asking/searching out these discounts. I love a good deal, and I was pleased with five dollars off.


Barbara said...

I've been given 2 senior discounts lately and must say I find it pretty insulting given that I have about 10 years before I'm officially senior! I think these stupid young people see my grey hair and just think: geezer-ette!

Pat said...

I will personally vouch that you do NOT look like a senior citizen!