Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nostalgic Photos

My friend from kindergarten days sent me a collection of nostalgic photos -- one of those groups that make the rounds with "Do you remember this??"

Here are the ones that resonate with me:

I remember what a treat ... now I can't remember the name of this -- I was going to say Jolly Time,
but that's not it. I know: Jiffy Pop. Loved it along with the steam burn I always got opening it.

I remember asking my father to pull the lever back
when I was too little to do it.

It took me a second or two to figure out what this was -- but
it's caps... and my sister and I would hit them with a rock to
make them go off. I'm sure it was very safe... I remember
enjoying that gunsmoke smell.

To this day, I miss Woolworth's! I still have a decorative
flower pot in my garden from Woolworth's. We had a big one a
few blocks from here and I've never gotten over its closing.

I know to some people this photo would be like looking at women
with bustles and long dresses, but this doesn't seem that
long ago to me.

This is just a pleasant memory. Remember when you discovered some
cool song on the B side of a hit record?

I was thinking on vacation how weird it is to not have film, or to
buy film or flashbulbs. It seems so odd to think how long we'd wait to
get our photos developed! And then share them by buying doubles.

Of all of them, this brings back the most memories. I think I had this exact model.
I also remember in college Mary going to sleep with the dryer going on her rolled hair.
And remember that the air intake was a nail dryer??

We had a milkman, and my memory is having to take the milk in quickly
in the summer months, and if you didn't, it would sour. And if you
didn't take it in quickly enough in the winter, the milk would
freeze and the glass bottles would break. I also just remembered you'd
put the clean empty bottles back in the milkbox.


Anonymous said...

OMG, Woolworth's! Do you remember the banana splits at the counter. They had balloons on a string and you picked one and burst it. Inside was the price you would pay for a banana split. Sometimes a penny,dime or the regular price.

mary mc said...

I remember every one of those so well! I also remember when it got cold, the cream on top of the milk would push up the top on the milk bottle. And i remember we would shake the bottle to mix the cream into the milk after we poured some off for my dad's coffee.

Pat said...

My father didn't drink coffee and my mother drank hers black so we didn't use the cream so we'd hand the bottle to my father who would shake it to mix the cream. Those were the days before "no fat milk!"

Barbara said...

I remember everything except the milkman -- my dad actually was a milkman and he did still deliver door-to-door when I was a kid, but he delivered cartons not bottles, and he never wore a uniform.