Saturday, October 5, 2013

Most Depressing Email of The Day

Somehow word has gotten to the spammers that I'm no spring chicken. I continually get walk-in bathtub spams, those things you sit on and ride around if you can't walk spams, social security benefit scams --- all reminding me my golden years are calling.

But this is too much. Just got an email with the subject line:

Look for affordable burial insurance

I'm not ready to go yet, folks!


Barbara said...

I bet that email was sent to everyone with an AOL address -- no young people use AOL.

Pat said...

Stephanie called me this afternoon to say she could one-up me on my burial email. She actually got a phone call, offering her a free (sure) burial site. She told the woman she wasn't dead yet, and the woman sort of copped an attitude saying that she know that and she doesn't place calls to deceased people. Yeah, good sales strategy.

Melissa said...

Laughed out loud on this one!