Wednesday, October 23, 2013

And the Cranky Beat Goes on...

I was trying to get in a better mood. When I go to DC for my usual Christmas festivities at Mary's, we have often gone to the Birchmere, the music hall venue. This year, Blood Sweat & Tears is playing and Fran and Mary agreed they'd enjoy seeing them. I also invited Lane who has recently moved to DC to join us for a foursome.

Everyone was in on the tickets a few weeks bac and rather than asking everyone again, I thought I'd just go to the site and buy them. Something to look forward to. The site takes you to Ticketmaster and I found everything and made all my choices and then when I went to pay, you had to set up an account. I didn't want one, but you had to.

I fill in all the blanks and press ENTER... only to be told I already have an account and to log in. You know what happened next. I put in my email address as user name (the site asked for that so I knew that part was right) and then a password. I basically have two passwords, one with numbers and one without. I tried the number one... no go. I tried the other go. I don't have anything left to try.

So I click on "forgot password?" and was told I would be emailed a password reset. Meanwhile, there's a timer on the site, clicking down since Ticketmaster only gives you a finite amount of time to make up your mind.

The email never came (and still hasn't) and the page timed out along with some snarky comment about how I should have acted faster or something. F you.

So now I'm going to annoy myself further and call Ticketmaster's 800- number.

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