Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Success! (Part 2 of Ticketmaster)

I literally had the phone in my hand when I heard the click of an incoming email, and there was my new password -- a long string of numbers. So I went back to the site.

My only complaint is that I find the Ticketmaster's fees exhorbitant. There's a $3.50 handling charge, a $1.50 per ticket facility charge -- what the hell does that even mean? -- and a $8.35 PER TICKET service charge. That's how a $49 ticket turns into a $60 ticket. I'd rather just be told $60.


Mary Mc said...

It really is ridiculous and I assume that goes to Ticket Master and not the venue, right? for their hard work of maintaining the web site?

Barbara said...

I agree with your complaint ... between "convenience fees" and "facility fees" etc., it's just an excuse to charge you lots more, while keeping the original price low enough to entice you to press the buy button. Airline tickets use the same trick of course! I fear that everything soon will be priced the same.