Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Getting Crankier by the Minute

I had arranged for a temp/hostess for a client at a convention in Las Vegas through a temp agency. Everybody is very picky but this guy really is. I found an agency, went through all the hoops, and felt I got a good temp. Today is the second of two days for the temp. Got a call from the client: "It's 9:18 and the temp isn't here." Was supposed to be there at 9. He said he didn't know if he should call the temp agency, which I had written out for him, along with all other details and contact info as he "didn't want to get her in trouble."

Oh yes, that used to be me. I can't tell you how many times I used that reasoning, and I'm just tired of it. I said, "Well, I do want to get her in trouble." I'll add that he called her cellphone and got voice mail.

I called the temp agency and they said they'd try to get in touch with her. In the meantime, the temp wanders in (ok, now I'm being sarcastic) at 9:25 claiming "traffic." Really? That's unusual... traffic during rush hour...

I am angry because it reflects on me, as of course I reassured this guy that all would be well.

So back to work and I get an email from a catalog company I buy from -- with an amazing announcement that the entire site is 50% off. In retrospect, I should have known better. I am good at looking for the fine print, but I wasn't good enough this time.

I was not buying any clothes these days, but I thought for half-off the whole site, it was worth taking a look. I shopped and bought (well, was going to buy) a pair of shoes, two pairs of socks and a lounger. I probably spent about 30 minutes shopping and picking. When I went to check out, it told me that by clicking on the email, my 50% discount had already been applied.

It wasn't.

So then I see "click here and we'll apply the 50%" and I did. Again. Again. Again. No go.

Then I notice "live chat" and fill out the darn form, have my chat, only to be told there are certain exclusions -- among them shoes and lingerie. Of course socks and the lounger are considered "lingerie" -- which is laughable... yeah, big thick white socks are lingerie.

So I write back what I wanted to buy and questioned socks as lingerie and she then asks for the product number of the socks and she'll check them. I wrote back saying no, I'd already spent enough time on this. Emptied the cart. I guess my budget will appreciate this.

I go back to the email that lured me there, and yes, there is an asterisk but even my trained eye, trained to notice asterisks, didn't notice this one. It looks like a spec -- you can barely make out that it's an asterisk.

Ok, enough of my crankiness for now.

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