Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Random Thoughts

Random: Has anyone else noticed this word being used all the time in a way that doesn't quite make sense? Well, I have and today I heard it being used by a news person. I knew it was somehow slang, but didn't know what it meant. Checked Urban Dictionary which says it means "funny, weird, crazy, stupid." Someone might say, "I forgot my wallet at home; that's so random."  I never got it, and now that I do get it, I don't like it. Even Urban Dictionary said it is totally overused.

Coffee: I've been on an ice latte kick. No one I know likes iced coffee, and I think people are strange -- random, even! -- about which coffee flavors they like. Mary loves coffee, but hates iced coffee. I love iced coffee, but hate coffee-flavored candy or coffee ice cream. Stephanie likes coffee and coffee-flavored candy. Me, I am disappointed when I take a piece of candy that I think is chocolate and it turns out to be coffee flavored. Tastes like medicine to me. I also don't like coffee ice cream.

9/11: I'm in a total state of ambivalence with the 10th anniversary. My voice still chokes up when I talk to someone about that day. It still makes me cry, yet I hate the whole 9/11 machine. Last night, I came upon the pretentiously named "9/11: When Popular Culture Saved the World." -- Yes, saved the world! I watched it for a while and it was stand up comedians, sit com people and other actors all talking in the most self-absorbed way about coming back to entertain after 9/11. Those breathy voices and dim lighting -- it just annoyed me. I was flipping back and forth to it because I remember watching in real time David Letterman's first show back and Jon Stewart's and I would have liked to have seen clips from those two again, but they weren't on. Thinking about it this morning -- this show was on some odd cable channel, I believe only shows from the channel's line up and other channels owned by the same company were mentioned. That could be my cynical view, but I think it might be the case.


Anonymous said...

I love coffee everything...ice cream, candy, cookies, cake, hot coffee, etc.....but I cannot stand iced coffee. I don't understand that, RANDOM, I guess!

I'm with you about 9/11, in fact, Karen and her husband will be here for the ceremony at his old Fire Station. We were invited to attend and I hope we can. I am sure that she and I will cry our eyes out. I don't know how I will be feeling on Sunday after my treatment on Friday. I hope I will have the strength to attend.


Melissa said...

Funny... I've been on an iced coffee kick too! I considered it due to hot weather. Yes, p, I have even given up some of my diet cherry cokes for ice coffee! I like coffee ice cream, but not coffee candy :).
9/11 -- It's sad to think of the 3000 lives lost on 9/11... But we have lost twice that many in the war(s) that came as a result of it. Does that make sense?