Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fire and Rain

I avoided 98 percent of the television coverage today, wondering if there were anyone anywhere who couldn't get enough of it.

Just now, flipping around the channels, I stopped at VH-l which is re-running a concert that took place in October 2001 that I remember meant so much at the time. Bill Clinton spoke, and damn it, if that man doesn't have the common touch, no matter what else people think about him. And then he introduced James Taylor who sang Fire and Rain.

It was so lovely, so moving and oddly appropriate for this concert. There are very few songs I never, ever tire of hearing, and Fire and Rain is one of them. And to hear and see James singing it was, for me, a perfect way to memorialize today.

Then he sang Up on the Roof, a quintessential New York song. A great ending to today.

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