Monday, April 12, 2010

More Amenities - Day 7 of 10

Today I just did my regular work and finished about 1/2 of an article that's due on Wednesday. The big air show starts tomorrow and I have a meeting at 10, followed by a lunch/briefing. Then I think I'll be able to come back and finish my article.

These are the standard Holiday Inn amenities, and a bad photo to boot. You can see you get a small test tube worth of product. The body cream says soften; the shampoo says shampoo; the hair conditioner says tame and the soap says cleanse.

A factor that makes being able to cleanse, shampoo and tame difficult is that the water pressure is so low. You can adjust the shower head from "thick dribble" which is sort of like a half-hearted hose to "light spray" and spray connotes way more power than there is. It's more of a wide sprinkle. Tomorrow will be my third shower here and each day I spend more time rinsing my hair thinking I'll get all the conditioner out.

I have to say the weather has really been great -- breezy in the high 70s.

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