Friday, April 9, 2010

Business Travel - Day 4 of 10

This is my last night in this fancy hotel. What I wanted to point out is that each room has a computer -- I didn't use this one since I have my own, but it's basically a keyboard and a screen. Still pretty amazing that this is the state of our dependence on computers, that now one comes with your room.

Jeff Skiles, the USAirways co-pilot and today's luncheon speaker, was really good. Even though you know he's told the story 1000 times, it didn't have that overly-told story feel to it. He told the story from beginning to end, second by second, and I commented as if I felt that I was getting a real insider look at the incident. He also had photos and then played the whole 3 minutes of Air Traffic Control tapes which were quite interesting to hear.

Tonight the woman I report to here took a bunch of us out to dinner. Turned out to be an Italian buffet. I can't say I'm a fan of buffets -- I think, especially after a long day at work, I want to sit and be waited on. We were sitting in this "open air" restaurant -- and I put open air in quotation marks because it's in the biosphere part of this place and it's a strange experience since you feel as if you are outside but you're not.

So tomorrow (Saturday)I work for a half day here, then pick up a rental car here and go on to hotel #2 which will not be as nice as this one. Bid $72 a night for it on Priceline. Started at $60, got turned down, went to $65, got turned down, went to
$70, got turned down but I knew I was getting close so I went to $72 and got accepted. It's a Holiday Inn.

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