Friday, April 23, 2010

Pastrami Friday

Here's a close up across the street, and it doesn't do it justice. Anyway, today was lunch with my friend Barbara, back at Artie's for motzah ball chicken soup and pastrami sandwiches. This is a big place, and we were turned off when we first went in at the curt yet bored (does that translate to screw you?) treatment where they wouldn't let us sit at a table for four since we were two people only, despite many empty tables.

So we were unceremoniously squished at a tiny table for two which is really one of the drawbacks of informal dining in NY. Our excitement balloon over about to be getting pastrami followed by chocolate pudding had been burst by our unhappiness with the seating.

However, soon Terry the old-style waitress came along, and she changed the chemistry. We just knew we were in good hands with Terry who carries straws in her pocket so when you order a soda, you get a straw right away. She was excellent and we cheered up.

Our pastrami sandwiches, pickles, coleslaw, soup, and chocolate pudding were all that we expected them to be so it was another great lunch at Artie's. It had turned cool here today, and seemed to me to be more like a fall day than a spring day.

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