Thursday, April 15, 2010

Goodbye Conservative Talk Radio - Day 10 of 10

I have been spending about 90 minutes a day in the car. I don't know enough about recent music to easily find a music station that pleases me. I typically land on music that seems agreeable enough until I figure out it's Country Western or Christian pop and by the time I do, I am usually ready to poke my own eardrums out in order to not hear it anymore.

So I usually like to find some safe talk format, but it seems in Central Florida, there's a whole lot of Rush Limbaugh wannabees... Rush on a local level. The talk this week has been about Tea Parties (pro), Obama (con), health care (con) and Sarah Palin (pro!!!). The callers are really those angry geezer types-- someone this morning called in to say that Obama has ordered that all American flags be removed from the White House... furthermore he said that in order to be in the audience of an Obama speech, you can't be a member of the NRA. He sincerely believed this.

I give the host some credit asking the guy what his source was -- (the Internet). One of the commercials was for some company that sells seeds (like for plants) that have not been genetically altered (which I guess is bad in their world) and you buy an emergency supply of these seeds that will yield one acre of high nutrition food.

Think of what you have to believe to buy these seeds. That the food supply is cut off. That you will have time to sow your seeds and wait for them to grow to mature plants. That if the food supply is cut off, no one would try to steal your vegetables (or whatever they are).

If you want to know more, google "Survival Seeds" and you'll see this is a serious movement. The bad thing is the Tea Party-ers will be vegetarians on their survival diet which has got to be a bad thing. Aren't vegetarians all socialists like Obama?


Barbara said...

I don't travel much but when I do I use the NPR station finder - maybe you should bookmark it for relief!

Dogbreath said...

I have just about given up on listening to radio while traveling. I just check out books on CD and listen to that most of the time. Especially on weekends all I can get is sports talk, which is endless blathering about almost nothing, when not listening to the play by play of games I don't care about.

And sure some of the conservatives are goofy, but so is Ralph Nader. Look at his eyes. He's not normal.