Thursday, April 8, 2010

Business Travel - Day 3 of 10

So here's the bed -- actually one of two in the room. If you look at the height of the nightstand, you can see how high it is. In fact, when I sit on the edge of the bed, my feet don't touch the floor.

The bedspread is weird -- sort of Puss n Boots style clothes on monkeys -- in a Pirate/palm tree background. I say pirates, but there are no ships, just swords and swashbuckling monkeys.

Nothing much to report for today. There was a media lunch in the press room today and that went well. I was supposed to work until 5 and close the room, but I ended up talking to some people so we didn't leave until 6. I was hoping to get other work done during the day, but that hasn't happened so maybe I'll get some other stuff done tonight.

The highlight of tomorrow is the association's main luncheon where the speaker is Jeff Skiles who was the copilot aboard the USAirways flight that landed on the Hudson River. I asked someone today what his message was -- now that he's doing the convention circuit and this fellow who had heard him speak says he is really funny so it's a message of optimism which sounds good. More on that tomorrow.

Last year, I had met Captain Sullenberger -- well, I was talking to someone well known in aviation and he came over to meet the person who I was talking to and so I got introduced as a courtesy. Very low key guy. Really a lovely man.

I started my day with someone holding the elevator for me and I thanked him and he said to me, "You don't remember me, Pat, do you?" and I looked at him and said "No." And he said "It's Willy from Thunder Bay" and that didn't mean a thing to me, but I lied and said 'Oh of course" as if I had made the connection and then he kissed me and I still have no idea who he is. Maybe he haunts convention hotels, reads women's name badges (which I was wearing) and kisses them...

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