Monday, July 31, 2017

Slow Learner

Lane calls me today and tells me she felt like doing something special for herself and we talked about her challenge finding a manicure place she liked and how everywhere she went was booked.

No clue.

She then tells me how she and her husband are going out for a fancy dinner tonight and just as I was abut to say "Oh special occasion?"

I realized it was her birthday and sputtered out my stupidity. She wasn't being coy because we had earlier last week talked about the dinner and her birthday and where they were going and working out the transportation arrangements since her husband was coming from work and she'd then have a car too.

So I did wish her heartfelt birthday greetings and just now sent her a YouTube link which is cheesy and kitschy of people singing Happy Birthday Lane and evidently they have it for every name... so

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Mary said...

Happy birthday Lane!!