Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Highlight of My Day

Years ago, in college, Mary and I would sometimes talk about the happiest thing that happened to us that day before we went to bed. Ok, this makes us sound doofy, but we did it. And over the years, I sometimes ask myself the same question and typically it's the kindness of strangers, or an unexpected and appreciated compliment when I needed it, but today it was meeting Coco.

I had left the doctor's office and I was sitting on this little wall, waiting for a cab to come my way, when this little black dog being walked came over to me as if she knew me... her name is Coco and her companion told me she is a SCHNOODLE... which is a cross between a schnauzer and a poodle. She even put her little paws up on me, and the owner apologized and I said I didn't care, which I really didn't, and she said, "Coco likes to make friends." So that was the nicest thing that happened to me today.

And you?

Here's a stock photo of a Schnoodle:

Coco's front paws were white and I asked if she were old or if that was her coloring and it's just her coloring. She really is a cute dog.

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