Saturday, July 8, 2017

Reason #9 billion to hate spammers

This was quite a coincidence. Was talking to Mary who was cleaning out some paperwork type boxes and looked at the cards and letters she got when her father died  in 1993. She told me two of my friends had sent cards, one being my friend Katrina who died of pancreatic cancer about three years ago.

About an hour later, I go on line and in the queue you, of course, see the senders' names, not as email addresses but as their regular names. So I scan the list of new email and there's an email from Katrina (with her first and last name). I have to say it sort of freaked me out a bit.

So I open it and it's one of those spams that has a "look at this cool thing" with a URL. And I thought even when you're dead, you're not safe from the spammers.


Mary said...

All I can say is wow. That's annoying and creepy and disrespectful of Katrina (I know, it's not someone consciously deciding to disrespect her but still).

Pat said...

Well, it may be if they go after the social media of dead people.