Saturday, July 22, 2017

Shopping Spree

I can get overly conservative about spending money -- I hate cheapness, and it's not about that... I will be the first to throw in more than my share of a split check... well, typically I just let my dinnermate tell me how much I owe and I never question it. I don't even care about paying more than my share.

However when it comes to replacing things past their prime, I can get tight with the bucks so today I threw caution to the wind and bought three things in rapid progression, all from Amazon.

First I replaced a seat cushion in the chair I sit in most of the day which had gone from about three inches to about 1/2 inch over time. That's one.

Then I replaced my Sonicare toothbrush. Don't know how long Ive had this one, but I'd say upwards of five years and recently the brush head has taken to falling out during the brushing. What I am very happy to do, up to a point, is just stick it back in and resume brushing. But enough is enough. I have to resurrect that mantra of mine: You're not that poor.

And I'm not, but sometimes I surely act like it.

Then the third thing I ordered is a new Keurig coffee machine. Again, mine is about 4-5 years old and for the past year (yes, year!) there has been a short in it (or so I diagnosed) so that the "add water" light never goes out so the machine won't work. Hey, no problem. I just have to slap it and bang it down on the counter for a minute or so (as Barbara has witnessed me doing) and I will eventually get it to work. So it will be out with the old, in with the new, and my Keurig slapping days will hopefully be over.

And because of Amazon Prime, I'll get all my new things on Monday.

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