Monday, July 17, 2017

Anxiety Dream

I had an anxiety dream last night that was so intense that it's stayed with me even this late into the day. In short, I had to take a US History final and I didn't know what classroom to go to. Plus I hadn't studied, plus I couldn't find the textbook, plus my friends (some of whom I could identify as real people from high school days) all had these precise notes about where and when their finals were and of course they had all diligently studied.

I knew it was at 2 pm but I didn't know what building or room (it was a college campus) and Mary was my roommate in the dream and I asked her how I could find out where my final was and she blandly said, "I don't know" and that was really a funny (in retrospect) part of the dream that EVEN MARY ISN"T HELPING ME.

I realized that even though I didn't buy the textbook I had US History books in my personal library so I could review those so I was searching the bookcases and all the books were Mary's and I wondered what happened to my books.

So in the dream I got this brilliant idea of calling the university, asking for the history department and then asking where my final is. I pick up a phone, and you know what happens in anxiety dreams. Phone didn't work, couldn't make a connection, kept trying.

This dream had a subplot which is I was trying to do laundry. I had a whole bunch of dresses (??) and I wondered in the dream why I had gone so long in not doing laundry (which is NOT like me in real life). It was one of those non-sensical subplots where I kept gathering them, and losing them, and gathering them and then finally I picked out four items to take down the hall to the washing machine thrilled that I was finally making progress and there were two washing machines, both of which were in use.

What added to this anxiety in real life is that I was having this dream early in the morning and I'd wake up 80% and think it was real, and doze back to sleep, and wake up again (or thought I was awake) until finally I woke up 100% and was relieved it was...

just a dream!


Mary said...

What was I supposed to do? It was YOUR class and I really didn't know where it was.

Pat said...

Well, let me elaborate that you also ... your books were taking up all four bookshelves... it's something I've been meaning to talk to you about these past 49 years

Barbara said...

It's not Mary's fault. I have a very similar dream every time school is about to start. The question is, what "school" is about to start for you, Pat?

Pat said...

I am trouble getting someone to agree to be interviewed and I missed a deadline which I rarely do.

Barbara said...

You are certainly in trouble when you write "I am trouble..."