Thursday, August 25, 2016

Printer Resurection

When I was printing something on my cheap printer last week, all of a sudden it said that the ink was "depleted" so when Marilyn came today she went to Staples and bought new cartridges, put them in, but it was the same problem. We rebooted a few times, diddled, daddled and did all the things you try. She suggested I google "troubleshoot HP printer" and I did and we found one solution which we tried but it didn't work... I should have kept scrolling because the messages underneath this "solution" was a bunch of folks that said it didn't work.

So I kept scrolling and found some complicated reboot of the ink system and we did that. It was laughable in a way... unplug from the back of the printer. Count to 30. Unplug from the wall socket. I was joking later that if it told you to do this while standing on one foot, we would. So we go through this long process of wiping the printer contacts off with cold water on a lint free cloth, blah blah blah, the insert each cartridge one at a time... blah blah blah... still was being told "ink depleted." I was about to give up as Marilyn diddled and all of a sudden she said "Oh wait, it's never made that noise."

Sure enough the next message was to reinsert the yellow cartridge and she did... and that did the trick. Marilyn said she has no idea what she did to make it work. I was just thrilled when I could successfully print again. I had visions of another bill from some computer geek.

And now I have to brag about something else... two $50 bras for $74, including shipping. The website where I get these bras I like was having a buy one, get one for 50% off so I did that... but then I had a 30% coupon for having taken part in a survey last week. I was surprised (and happily so) when the site allowed me to use both the buy one/get one coupon and the 30% off highest item. When these new bras arrive, I have a bunch of old mangly ones that are getting a proper burial.

And yes, I am stunned that a decent bra, not even an amazing bra, but a totally run of the mill bra costs $50. I still think bras should cost $5 which is what I paid for a good one many many years ago.

So I have a working printer and two new bras en route. What more could a girl ask for?