Sunday, August 7, 2016

My Sister's Birthday

Actually, her birthday was Thursday, August 4, the same day AND same year as President Obama. So I went out to Long Island for the family birthday party. We went to a Mexican restaaurant called Besito (Little kiss) and then back to the house for cake.

Here's the collection:

This is Mary's appetizer which was shrimp cerviche

This was Scott's appetizer which was fish tacos
Out of proper order, but this is Louisa back at the house... going into 10th grade

My loving nephew betrayed me by ordering salmon and I told him to make a face as if he had made a terrible mistake in his entree selection.  And that's Scott, Mary's husband, in the background.


This is my meal -- enchiladas mized... they had beef, chicken and these really nice chunks of sweet potato... cheese, and the sauce was mild.

Mary E ordered Enchiladas Suisas, something I often order.

This is Charlotte who will be a senior and passed her driver's test on Friday -- first try!

Mayr E blowing out her candles

This is the cake Scott made. The LV is roman numerals for 55.

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Barbara said...

Happy LVth birthday to Mary Elizabeth!