Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mary's Interesting Day

She says: We went to the Bethesda Women's Co-op and did some shopping, then went to Redwood, a restaurant in Bethesda.  It was very pleasant and the food was good.  I had a very and goat cheese salad and fish tacos. The angle of the picture exaggerates the size of the tacos. Michelle had spring rolls and salmon. We shared a key lime cheese cake for dessert (I'm having lots of desserts these days).

We're going to my friend's son's pizza place with Meredith for dinner.  More pictures to come.


Mary says: I bought the blue flowered purse, Michelle bought the other two.  I bought headbands for Gwenyth and Delaney and a little barrette for Adelyn. Michelle bought some caramels for Meredith.
We also bought veggies, just so you know...


Mary says: We had our dinner at Timber Pizza, the place started by my friend's son. Considering they just opened the brick and mortar store 30-some days ago.  We had a really good crunchy salad, some wood fired empanadas for appetizers, a pepperoni pizza (good) and a chorizo pizza (really good).  We talked to the owner and probably embarrassed him by praising his mom.  The staff were all great.  It seems to be taking off as a neighborhood place.

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Mary said...

Just to clarify, had a beet and goat cheese salad, not a "very and goat cheese" salad.