Sunday, August 14, 2016

History of Medicine

As I semi-binged watched "The Knick" -- the DVDs arrived on Saturday and there are 10 episodes and I watched three yesterday and three today -- Mary and Fran were going to a medical history museum. On The Knick, it's 1902 and they still are learning about anesthesia, blood types, birth control is illegal; the doctors are exploring hypnotizing patients, and the main doctor is rescuing a set of conjoined twins from a side show in an attempt to separate them. I did watch the bonus video on that episode, and it is based on reality; first set were separated that year.

Anyway Mary writes;

Fran and went to the National Museum of Health and Medicine yesterday. Aside from the fascinating medical exhibits including a bone fragment from Abraham Lincoln's head, they had medical illustrators painting athletes' bodies to highlight the muscles they use.

Here are the photos:

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