Friday, August 5, 2016

Mary had a better day than I did

So all I did was work today, but I did finish a big article I was wroking on for a while... but Tom, Michelle and Mary took a field trip to Annapolis and first was the famer's market where Mary wanted to buy lots of stuff:

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Oh, I can smell that yeasty cinamon smell.
Furthermore, Mary says;
We went to the Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market in Annapolis and brought home lots of goodies.  I wanted to buy some quilts and some furniture but couldn't fit them in the shopping cart.

Then we had lunch at Mike's - the place on the water where Meredith and Dave had their rehearsal dinner.  Yummy crab soup, soft shell crab sandwich for Michelle and shrimp salad for me and Tom.  

Now we're going to have fresh corn and tomatoes for dinner. Here are pictures from lunch.



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