Saturday, May 7, 2016

Yes, I'm still alive...

Nothing of much consequence has happened lately, which is good. I'm still slogging my way through the Cokie Roberts book, waiting for spring to arrive. I had two people come to do my garden on Monday and I didn't take any photos since it's been rainy and cold all week, but hopefully I can take some tomorrow. It's a woman gardener who is kind of artsy fartsy, and I like her and she told me how this year (she did my garden last year too) is more "structural" -- I don't really know what that means. One thing I'm waiting for is she promised me jasmine... couldn't find any last year -- and I just love the smell... could just stick my face in the shrub and inhale... so she's going to stop by.

She and her male helper had arrived from Pennsylvania where they'd gone to a nursery and I told them they were free to use the restroom if they wanted. The man said, "I just may take you up on that." Thirty seconds later he came inside and I told him he'd have more privaccy in the bathroom downstairs (which Ana does keep clean since I don't use it these days) Well, he was down there for like 15 minutes and I'm thinking Ewwwww.

The other garden related event is that I had my yearly struggle with the building management to have the outside water spigot turned on. I called a week ago, then five days later and then when Marilyn came on Thursday I asked her what her strategy would be. She said "squeaky wheel" so I called the management company who employs the super (the first two calls had been to the super) and was really pretty aggressive and angry sounding. Said I pay $1500 a month maintenance and I have one request a year and this is it. So within an hour the water was turned on which sort of irritated me more... I'm not a nasty person and I feel like "just do your job --no more no less." It's getting me angry again remembering it.

So the first full sunny day I'll take some photos of my structural garden.

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