Thursday, May 26, 2016

Totally Stupid Question

I'm watching Jeopardy and even though I'm by myself, I shout out the answers so I can show off to myself how smart I  am.

By coincidence,, a few times I said the answer simultaneously with the contestant... which reminded me as a girl when a friend and I said the same thing we'd lock pinky fingers, shake them like you shake hands, make a wish (silently) and then say:

What comes out of the chimney? Smoke!
Yours and my wish will never be broke.

Which brings me to another memory. Riding at night with a girlfriend and her siblings with parent driving, we saw an oncoming car with only one headlight and the kids (except me) shouting some word like "doodlebug" and the kids started punching each other (including me). Turned out that was a family traditon and they were surpirsed I had never heard of it.

Anything to add to either of these?


Melissa said...

We would say "you owe me a coke!" When we would say something at the same time. Never heard of doodlebug.. But we did slug bug when you saw a vw beetle car 😝!

Mary said...

We said 9, 10 you owe me a coke" and the one headlight car was called a paddidle.

Wonder where these things came from before the age of the internet

Fran said...

I remember where does smoke come from? The chimney. But then the dialog changed for Brooklynites. We said. "What color is it? Black." Hmmm then my memory fades.
I never played the one headlight game. Never heard of it. Cars parked in the neighborhood street were used as bases when we played softball. The manhole cover was the pitcher's mound....
Mary, do you still say paddidle when you see a one-headlight cat?