Sunday, May 29, 2016

Barbara's Paperweight Collection

We both collect paperweights, but different kinds. Barbara collects ones with real flowers... and they are pictured below. The other day I was looking at my paperweights and saw one I'd never seen before. It is about five inches high and looks like a real jellyfish is inside. I have zero memory of this paperweight or how I got it. All I can think of is maybe when I was in the hosptial someone gave it to me... if you did, it's beatiful... and funny that I never noticed it before. I don't believe I bought it, and I don't have a memory of it as a gift... and looking below, Barbara has more than I do!

Anyway, Barbara says:

This weekend I gathered, cleaned, and rearranged my paperweight collection and I thought you'd like a picture.  I have decided to really STOP, since the table is full.  (Of course this vow is being made by a collecting addict, so understand that it is one day at a time.)


Barbara said...

Mystery solved! I gave you the jellyfish one, I think it may have been a get well gift soon after you got home from hospital. You said you liked it very much when you opened it, I'm glad you like it the second time around too...

Pat said...

Ok. good. I am going senile... Well, thank you, but Ihae to say I have no memoryof it, but Iloe it now!