Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Day Dinner

I believe you're supposed to eat black-eyed peas and something else for good luck on New Year's Day, but I ate Chinese food when Marilyn and her husband Michael came over for dinner. I had never met Michael so it was so wonderful to meet him. We talked about everything (as usual), and I realize the people I really like are good conversationalists who talk about everything.

Now, I suppose the world can be divided into those who share Chinese food and those who don't. As we were ordering, Marilyn announced to me that she is NOT a sharer, so she ordered shrimp and broccoli for herself and Michael and I shared sesame chicken and crispy shredded beef. For appetizers we had shrimp dumplings and also crab rangoon. The crab was Marilyn's idea -- she is willing to share appetizers -- and it just may become my new favorite appetizer. I'm not quite sure what it is, but it's like crabby/cream cheesey filling inside a fried wonton. Really good. We had a bottle of wine and had a grand old time.

I announced at dinner that my New Year's Resolution was going to be to get a smartphone. I have two reasons, since embarrassment at my 1990s flip phone doesn't deter me. I want to be able to use Uber and I want to be able to text. So Marilyn and Michael were going to take Uber home and I had Marilyn show me how to do it. It really is amazing. It took 5 seconds to show the car, the car's license plate and a photo of the driver and the car was to arrive in four minutes. Cant beat that.

Here are my honored dinner guests (Ok, even those they generously paid,; they were still honored guests)


Gwendolyn Jones said...

Michael and Marilyn are a lovely couple!

Mary said...

Sweet picture