Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dinner with Barbara

This was the centerpiece. It's the paperweight Barbara gave me for Christmas which is in the same place as it was right after I received it. It hasn't joined my other paperweights because I just enjoy looking at it. It reminds me of a swirly wonderful ocean beach. And then... yes, my winnng Powerball ticket.

We don't even discuss other options and go straight to Gracie's... They were lightning quick tonight. I swear the food came in 10 minutes and despite the outside air temperature the food was piping hot.

Barbara went with the burger, with cheddar cheese, deluxe of course...

And I went for a bacon omelette that came with home fries and a toasted bagel:

She put together this little piece of exercise equipment I bought. I would have done it myself (eventually) but when it arrived yesterday I thought Oh, perfect timing for Barbara to do it, and she did....

As always, a good time was had by all!

Preview: As we were consulting our calendars to pick dates for the next three months -- we're so darn organized -- Barbara realized that February is our 35th anniversary of being friends. That's a long time. She doesn't remember the exact date we met, just that she interviewed for the job in January and started in February of 1981. We've been throuh a whole lot together, and we both made it this far. Yippeee for us. So next month we'll have to do something a little special -- cheesecake from Little Red Hens maybe??


Mary Jones said...

Can't remember if I've called this to your attention before, Pat, but there is a wonderful museum in Neenah -- the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass -- and it has more than 3,000 paperweights in its collection. Rooms and rooms of paperweights that Mrs. Bergstrom collected over the years.

The Museum is in the old Bergstrom home that the family donated to the city. It's right on Lake Winnebago in Neenah ... not hard to find.

If you enjoy paperweights, you would enjoy this museum. I visited it this fall because it currently has a display of Lino Tagliapietra's work ... but that ends in mid-February -- but loved the paperweights, too.

Anyway, you might enjoy visiting there when you come to Oshkosh next. Here's the website:

Pat said...

No, I had never heard of it... will definitely check it out. Thanks! Mine aren't exactly museum-worthy, but I like them all the same.