Friday, January 29, 2016

Lane's Brush with Greatness

Lane is in California with her husband. Last night they attended Australia's version of the Academy Awards. We had discussed how we are not that celebrity-driven and exchanged a few names of people we'd actually want to have a photo with.

Of course the Universe loves to show us up and today I got this email from her:

The event turned out to be far more intimate this year, and we were seated 2 tables away from ... Hugh Jackman! So I actually went over and talked to him, told him I'd been so impressed when I saw him in Oklahoma, years ago, because it's such a worn, overdone, vanilla musical, but that he'd actually managed to make it new, and different, and made his character (Curly) believable, 3-dimensional, and interesting ... which I thought was really hard to do. He laughed, said thank you, and Ed asked if he could take our photo, and he said sure, so .
When I asked Lane permission to post the photo, she replied, "Sure - but if you say anything about him, make sure you say I thought he was very nice and extremely gracious."

Lane thought Hugh Jackman was very nice and extremely gracious.

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Barbara said...

Also, very gorgeous and extremely sexy.