Thursday, January 28, 2016

Almost a Problem

When Marilyn came this morning, she told me that my block was closed and that the manhole cover directly in front of my building was smoking and there was a fire truck and a Con Ed truck. When she returned from errands around 12:30, she said she didn't want to alarm me, but there were now more emergency vehicles in the street which was still closed. She inquired if there were cause for concern and was told no. Not exactly proof positive.

She thought I should pack a bag and be ready to go. I made a quick list and she packed a bag which has sat there (thankfully) unused all day. I guess whatever the problem was is now solved. I am grateful I didn't have to go, but I think I will unpack the bag later but make a list of what should go quickly. I think I had it all in the bag today -- wallet, medicine, cash, underwear, nightgown, pants, two tops and my computer. I later thought I didn't have any toiletries so I think a comb and toothbrush/toothpaste should be added.

I am not a real "prepper" type person. When NYC was threatened with anthrax and you were supposed to cover your windows is plastic, my plan was to lay down on my bed and die with dignity. I really didn't want to crawl over thousands of dead bodies to find a can of peas.

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Melissa said...

How do you always manage to end with a laugh 😜.? That's why I love ya!!