Monday, January 25, 2016

Mary's Monday

I took a little walk down to Military Road, over to Wisconsin and full circle back home.  The sidewalks in the direction have been cleared all the way - a narrow path but easily walkable. People have cleared the intersections well too. The picture of the path in the snow is the entrance to the alley near Military Road. That will take time to clear. A bunch of us are willing to go together to pay to have the alley cleared, but since there's no place in the alley to pile the snow, we'd also have to pay to have the snow hauled away. The estimate is in the thousands so I guess we'll wait for some thawing. I can't shovel any of the back until I can get back there and the snow is still way too deep for me to get there. Maybe after some others shovel I can walk around through the alley near me. Anyway, although the streets and sidewalks are mostly clear, it's a huge amount of snow.

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