Monday, June 22, 2015

Signs of Age

One of the first signs I had that I was ageing was getting a manicure and this Hispanic woman was massaging my hands and I noted she did it in a really loving way -- beyond the mechanical massage of a manicurist. She has this smile on her face, this dreamy look, as she continued to massage. Finally she said, "Oh your hands are just like my mother's."


I hadn't thought about our ages before then... I would have said we were about the same age, but of course we weren't.

And now, this has happened to Mary who writes:

I told the physical therapist's assistant that Barb and I are going to see Bette Midler tonight and she said "My grandfather is going to see her! He's so excited. My dad bought him a ticket".

At least Mary could afford her own ticket!

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