Sunday, June 28, 2015

Anxiety Dream

Is there anything better than waking up from an anxiety dream and realizing it was just a dream? Last night, I had this long, long complicated dream that involved me and Melissa (although she never made an appearance in the dream) trying to fly from Kansas City (where Melissa used to live) to Philadelphia. Why Philly, I don't know. Melissa had gone ahead of me and first I was at a party and needed someone to drive me to the airport (which was actually a train station in the dream.) This fellow Melissa and I know (and Melissa will know who it was) didn't want to drive me, didn't want to leave the party and finally acquiesced.

I got to the airport cum train station and went to the United counter and bought a ticket which involved two legs. I remember later thinking you didn't even ask how much the ticket was and I had it in my hand and I didn't even want to look in case it was a thousand dollars or something. The woman at the counter told me to hurry as the flight was leaving. I asked her when the flight left and she said 3 o'clock and I said "what time is it now?" and she said "3 o'clock" and I thought, but didn't say anything, well, how can I make that flight?

But then I saw a clock that actually said 2:15 (maybe this was the sane part of me trying to intervene) but not for long as every clock I saw said a different time. Then I started thinking well maybe Melissa bought my ticket and I should have asked if Melissa was on the flight and then I saw an American Airlines counter and thought maybe Melissa was on that airline. I did think she and I would rendez vous finally in Philadelphia.

Then I started searching for my gate, up and now various escalators which led to dead ends... encountered various up escalators that didn't work so I had to walk up the escalator only to realize it was a dead end. Finally I found the right way...

So I had my gate and was going to make the flight... oh, wait... my luggage? Yes, I had left my luggage somewhere when I went to buy the ticket so I hurried back there to retrieve it... funny, but my "luggage" (and probably a shrink could have a field day with THAT word... luggage is what I'm lugging around!) anyway, my "luggage" was this old blue Samsonite hard sided suitcase that I had in college (in real life) -- and everyone had just in different colors. My older sister had olive green.

Of course my luggage was nowhere to be seen and I realized someone had stolen it; naturally if you leave your luggage sitting there, I couldn't expect it to be there when I returned. My dilemma was do I just get on the flight? Or look for my luggage and miss the flight?

And that is when I woke up and was oh so glad I wasn't trying to get to Philadelphia even if I would see Melissa when I got there!


Mary said...

That made me tired reading it!

Pat said...

It is exhausting... I still feel that walk up the nonworking escalators and feeling lost and anxious. (Hmmmm.) But also that great feeling when you wake up!

Melissa said...

Oh... I can visualize the anxiety you must have felt in the dream... I'm so glad it was just a dream...but I did laugh as I was reading it (for several reasons :).