Monday, June 8, 2015

How perverted are you?

This is from my NYC Alerts twitter... and I know this happens, and a friend recently told me a story about a guy grabbing her... and I remember, years ago, being rubbed up against on the subway which totally grossed me out, even wearing a winter coat -- but I did get the last laugh by taking one small step backward and putting all my weight on his instep and calling him out.

But really, what kind of sick man goes around grabbing women? I don't get it. What is this man like? I hope they catch him, and this is one reason I do like smartphones. Hope his face is plastered all over and people who know him/work with him see what a perv he is.

For those unfamiliar with NYC, 5th Avenue and 14th Street is a totally safe, busy, normal, shopping area, populated part of town.

Manhattan: West 14th St & 5th Ave, this man is wanted for grabbing the buttocks of a 24y/o female

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