Saturday, June 6, 2015

Explain this to me.

I am slowly plowing my way through my current book. It's a tough read. I don't like the main character. I don't really like anything about the book, and yet, I keep reading. Almost compulsively. There is a difference between a book I don't like and just put it down and pass it on to someone else and a book I don't really enjoy reading, but I keep reading. I couldn't absolutely recommend this book to anyone, and yet here I go, reading it. What is going on?


Mary said...

are you waiting to see if it gets better? annoyed with characters and you want to see them get their comeuppance? Feeling that if you've gone this far into it, it's a waste to not finish it?

I think there are many good reasons :)

Barbara said...

Sounds a lot like a bad boyfriend I once had.