Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday Bits

I'll have some photos to post later today as my sister's family is coming in for dinner. In the meantime, it is cold, cold, cold. When Mary M was here right after I got out of rehab and I had her look for my space heater. Well, she looked and I know she looked hard, but she couldn't find it. I know it had never left my bedroom, didn't break, so it was a mystery.

So yesterday when Marilyn was here, I had her look and she looked in my whole apartment. The whereabouts of my space heater remain a mystery so I finally just ordered a new one from Amazon which will arrive tomorrow. I'm sick of being cold.

In the meantime, Marilyn got me quite a bargain. I wanted chopsticks for tonight, and I didn't know where she would find them and then we decided she'd just go to a Chinese restaraurant and ask if she could buy some. She and I discussed how much they might charge -- and I thought 50 cents or so. Well, she got six pair of chopsticks for a dollar!. She and I were talking about what you could buy six of for a dollar these days.

Anyway, stand by for Chinese feast photos!

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