Friday, February 27, 2015

Last Night's Dinner

So my sister and her family came in -- had a hard time finding a parking space because all the garages were full and so they had to drive around finding a spot. I had Christmas presents for the kids, and we ordered Chinese food. It's fun to have a lot of people to get the variety of things. We had Crispy Shredded Beef, Sesame Chicken, Chicken and Broccoli (Clark's favorite), chicken lo mein and some barbecued spare ribs.

Charlotte, who is in 10th grade, has taken the PSATs and they were telling me how colleges aggressively pursue students who do well. Charlotte said she did check off yes for permission to share her scores with colleges, and some of them go so far as to create unique URLs so it would say something like

Mary Elizabeth brought her wedding album which I had never seen so that was interesting to look at.

Anyway, here are some pictures:

This is Louisa who is this great helper and seems to enjoy organizing things.

Charlotte and Clark.

Charlotte is teaching herself how to play the ukelele so she performed for us.

Louisa took this, and it reminds me of an album cover.


Barbara said...

Yes, it looks like a folk song album cover. Now you'll just have to encourage her to specialize in 60's songs!

Melissa said...

All so sweet! Sounds like a great evening, and those kiddos are lucky to have Aunt Pat to counsel them😉!