Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Doings

Mary is home-home, and all is well.

File this under TMI -- if any of you have ever taken water pills, well, mine seem to cause "normal" activity and every so often -- boom! Maybe that's the wrong sound effect. More like rush to the bathroom. A lot. It's probably good to say they are working, but that cumulative effect can wear you out!

What I'm reading:

Melissa gave me this book while I was in the hospital, but I didn't read it then. I also was gifted with a copy of The Goldfinch which has been on the best seller list for a while. This Still Life book is about a one-famous photographer who has fallen on hard times. She sublets her NYC apartment and moves to this bungalow in the country where she feels as if she is a fish out of water.

She is also short on cash, and so part of this is rethinking her whole financial situation. I joke with someone that if we go belly up financially, we can sit on a piece of cardboard over the subway grate and he'll say, "I used to own an airplane" and I'll say, "I used to have someone come to my apartment to give me pedicures." So I find the finance part interesting. I never take that part of my life for granted.

We're in single digits on the thermometer with snow and ice on the way. We are all happily awaiting Sunday where it is supposed to get close to 50 degrees. Can't get here soon enough. Even the Hudson River is frozen.

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