Monday, November 3, 2014

Slow Monday

Not much to report other than I did recycle my candy porn catalog so those thoughts are subsiding. I think I knew with certainty that if I ordered that Taffy or Sugar Daddies that I would start off just licking and end up with a nice fat crown embedded in caramel. I just knew it.

My garden is still way in bloom -- the begonias look like it's July and I've been even cutting some and bringing them inside thinking they couldn't last much longer, but they have.

I took a nice shower today and followed it up with Kiwi cream -- I had my choice of smelling like Kiwi, roses, or lavender (recently thanks to Fran) and I thought I'd use up the kiwi first. Fran had also sent me a lavender sachet that I tossed in the dryer and that worked. I love burying my face in clean linens that have that lavender scent. Yes, cheap thrills on East 87th Street. I had to do something to make up for my candy porn catalog being gone.

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