Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Apple Cider vs Apple Juice

I really do love apple cider, and had bought a 1/2 gallon. I was reading the label which says simply it's 100% apple juice. So if apple cider is apple juice, what's the difference?

Turns out that apple juice has other additives for shelf life and is also pasteurized. Apple cider is not pasteurized and has nothing to extend its life.

Having said this, I do NOT like hot apple cider, or mulled cider, or hard cider -- just a plain, old glass of cold cider. I also like it mixed with other fruit like cherries, raspberries, etc. Haven't had any other mixtures this season though.

Thumbs up for apple cider donuts and probably to apple cider vinegar which supposedly can do a whole lot of household and medicinal tasks ranging from lowering blood pressure to curing acne. Hmmmm... my jury is out on those.

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