Friday, November 21, 2014

Bill Cosby

I don't normally write about anything controversial, but watching the Cosby news really bothers me. He reminds me of a man who is powerful and used to be listened to, obeyed, no questions asked. The king of his own kingdom. For someone with his media experience to ask the Associated Press to withhold part of an interview seems like such a rookie mistake.

My mind also drifts to what are you, what sickness do you have that you feel it's a good idea to drug women in order to be with them sexually? Is it power? Is it mental illness? I think about him making the preparations -- drug, check. glass, check,. ice, check. At no point do you catch yourself in the mirror and wonder what the hell you're doing - the risk you're taking. You could overdose that woman and kill her.

I am thinking it must be about power -- a passed out woman and you can do anything -- because I am sure Bill Cosby could have had many women just by snapping his fingers,

The pundits keep saying he needs a crisis communications specialist -- but man, I had a plan for OJ which would have worked and have crafted others -- I don't know what you do with him -- say you were a sick person and now you're seeking treatment?

And, yet, there's part of me that feels just a tiny bit bad for him., He was so well-loved, and now this is what he will take to his grave. And his wife sits there like a statue.


Mary said...

it's also so impersonal, having sex with someone who can't actually communicate with you. It makes you think he either doesn't like women very much or maybe he's afraid they won't like him. You're right, it's very weird.

Stancie said...

Maybe if they are drugged it is not cheating? More of a medical experiment.