Saturday, November 8, 2014

Latest Scam

By now we can all spot the obvious scams -- Nigerian sweepstakes and Madama Tutu dying of cancer leaving a chest full of diamonds or whatever, but I just got one that made me think twice. It's apparently an invoice/warning for a EZ-pass that I hadn't paid. That has happened to me in reality where Dollar charged me $25.35 or something weeks later -- $25 for the ticket and 35 cents for the toll.

I really hate these scammers. On this one, the first giveaway was that it was from the UK and then just common sense of how would EZpass have my email address?

Anyway, I never thought I am immune to falling for one of these so let's all be careful.


Barbara said...

I got that same scam email, and I almost believed it, because I do have EZ pass ... but luckily, I realized that it made no sense before clicking on their link. These scams are getting better and better, so Beware, Beware.

Pat said...

The closest I ever came to falling for one is that I had just bought a set of drinking glasses online from Wal Mart and I got a "survey" -- it totally made sense because it was my first and only purchase from Wal Mart. I clicked on the link and started filling it out.

My first hint was they asked me to describe the condition of the parking lot and I thought WalMart is too sophisticated to NOT separate in store buyers from on line buyers.

I stopped filling it out and saw that they asked how I paid for the merchandise... (credit card) and then the number of that card. You'd have to be pretty dumb to continue to give those answers, but you never know.