Monday, November 17, 2014

Scattered Thoughts

Rainy, nasty Monday! Was so dark and gloomy and raining so hard that you could hear it from the inside. Would have preferred to be napping with a good book.

Last night, sad thing: EMTs took an upstairs neighbor, actually led him away... his partner told me he had a psychotic episode (again). I had opened my front door because of all the clanging, just as he was leaving. Talked to his partner and told him that "life is difficult" -- yeah, brilliant, Pat. His partner was stoic, sort of like "here we are again." I told his partner to take care of himself too, and he has a tough road. Partner told me they'll keep him at the hospital for a few days and level out his meds and he'll be ok. Have kept both in my thoughts.

My favorite new guilty pleasure is this reality show on the Spike channel where they find homeowners who have been screwed blue by a contractor and left to rot. Of course they've paid the contractor and sometimes the situation the bad contractor left is terribly unsafe. Anyway, this guy Adam Corolla (I think that's his last name) who is some sort of stand up comic had been in construction for years and he and another construction type survey the house, get the background and then they get a private detective to track down the contractor. They set up a sting and then confront the guy and give him the choice of a/returning the money b/doing the work right or c/being sued. So far, the bad guy has chosen to do the work over (under the supervision of Adam and the construction guy).

I don't know how these bad construction guys face themselves in the mirror -- most of them say they were planning on finishing (yeah, six months later after dodging the homeowner) or else claim the work was finished and the homeowner wrecked it to make the contractor look bad. Yes, they actually say that. So it's great to see some justice done.

Leftover Chinese food for dinner.

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Stancie said...

Thanks for the tip, I'll look for the show. I liked that Canadian show on tlc who came in and fixed contractors messes.