Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Ramblings

There's no snow in NYC, but there is snow in DC. Mary has sent along this photo which is the view from her office:

In fact, when Ana was here yesterday to clean, she left the garden door open for 15 or 20 minutes -- a bit chilly, but that fresh air just felt so good.
New topic: Does anyone hate that Jake of State Farm commercial more than I do? Every so often I find a commercial particularly annoying and this is one of them.
Would you believe Amy's leaves from her Christmas flowers are still green? I'm down to three stems of leaves and they are still bright green and pliable. World's record in getting your money's worth.


mary said...

Yay for Amy's flowers, boo for Jake. It actually snowed a lot more but it didn't stick and now it's completely fine.

fran said...

Let's run the State Farm guy and his wife off the planet! Whine whine. Nag nag. Snow is gone. But think DC is getting more overnight. We've got armed security police, K9 bomb sniffers and secret service all over the area. The President is making an appearance next door at the Mandarin Hotel. It's exciting in one way, but makes one jittery security+wise. Office buildings, lots of windows surrounding the oval where cars pull up. Hope we can leave the building.

Stancie said...

I love State Farm but also hate the ad.