Sunday, February 16, 2014

Money Thoughts

Some of you may know that I finally figured out that even though I lost no business, I have been impacted by the economy. I haven't had to sweat out being called into HR or looking for a job, but the results are kind of the same. It's been a long rethinking of my financial situation as I am used to not having to think about money. I always felt I lived within my means, but I was also used to buying the best (well, within reason) and not having to look that closely at the pricetag.

I have been putting off purchases to those things I "really" need. Suze Orman always talks about the differences between needs and wants. I have broken the habit of the email lure of 30% off, 50% off highest item, free shipping, etc. That's been a while now, and I have to say I enjoy getting emails where these companies "miss" me.

I finally caved in today and bought a new mattress. My current one is just too uncomfortable -- I think this one was a lemon as I only have had it for about 5 years. I was dealing with one of those "live chat" people and told her my budget was $500.  I had looked at a bunch of mattresses -- and sure I'd love to have the TempurPedic --- but the truth is I can't afford a $4000 mattress.

I have to say I didn't feel too bad in that I am not the princess and the pea. Buying the "best"
 mattress is no longer an option and I will survive on my $500 mattress. Delivery is free, and I did pay to have the old mattress taken away (not just left on the curb). She also sold me the super-duper mattress cover which protects the mattress from everything from spills to dust mites -- and gave it to me at half-price.

I was thinking all of this is probably good rehearsal for retirement where I will be living on a fixed income, no doubt, and not riding a horse through my vineyard. I am not ashamed of this money situation as I know many of my friends, probably most of my friends, are in the same position. It just surprises me on a macro-level. Never did I think I'd be concerned about money at this stage of my life. I will say I have a robust nest egg -- I really do -- but I worry Is it enough?


Melissa said...

I am right there with you sister! It's funny how I think about it though.. I would rather have these concerns than have to deal with corporate hierarchy!

Mary said...

There's so much uncertainty anymore. I'm in that corporate hierarchy and it's kind of scary. Pat's in it too, just indirectly. Maybe we all are and that's why it's so unsettling, our futures are subject to the whim of our leaders. Maybe it's temporary.

Dante Storey said...

Hey, don't be too hard on yourself. Mattresses are fine. In fact, they aren't really an indulgence, but so much as a necessity that can benefit you in the long term, healthwise. What's a wiser investment than health, right? You need a good night sleep more than anything, which will not only get you rested, but also cradle the curvature of your spine, for less stress and complications.

Dante Storey @ The Healthy Bed Store