Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Over the years, Mary and I have talked about the randomness of births -- how her cleaning lady Eneida could be a high end florist -- she just has a beautiful eye when it comes to creating arrangements out of what she finds in Mary's yard and pairing it with the perfect container. My cleaning woman Ana has a great eye for just arranging knick knacks and pillows -- these are little treats we get.

Today Eneida took a plant and made it a centerpiece for Mary's dining room table.

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Mary said...

Does anyone know what this plant is? It has waxy leaves that are like scoops catching the water. Most of them are dark green with varying amounts of a creamy pink color, but there are a few gorgeous cream colored ones you see on the left. The stems extend long above the leaves and they're a dark, maroon color. Eneida didn't know a name for it, or didn't know the English name.